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Down is the lightest, warmest, and fluffiest natural product on earth!!
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Down ComfortersDown Comforters Keep Us Warm

Down comforters are the warmest, lightest, and loftiest bedding products on earth.  For hundreds of years, man has not been able to come up with something lighter and better at trapping air.  Here are the main reasons to love down.  

1- Down is warmer and that means you can turn the temperature down lower and save some money. 

2- Down is lighter so you can sleep easier.  Every try to sleep with ten blankets piled on top of you?

3- Down is loftier.  That means it is has more cushion and that means you are getting added comfort. 

Down Pillows

Down pillows have the same advantages as down comforters.  They are lighter, loftier, and warmer than any other products.  Pillows have been redesigned for years, yet the down pillow remains the favorite.

Here is why you should consider the down pillow.

  • The added loft means you get superior comfort.  The pillow can be molded around your head.  You might say you even sink into the pillow.
  • Since you lose most of the warmth out of your head, you should really sleep with a down pillow.  It will keep you warmer than other pillows. 
  • The down pillow is lighter, but mostly that is a non factor.  If you are traveling, you might consider a down travel pillow.

    Feather Beds

    The feather bed is basically a thicker down comforter that goes under you (i.e. a mattress topper).  The point of the feather bed is that you will get superior comfort, due to high lofting, and warmth, due to down.

    Consider the luxurious feel of a feather bed, a feather pillow, and a down comforter.  I can guarantee you will be warm and comfortable.

    Down Duvets

    It’s a little more expensive to get a good product; as opposed to a cheap product.  It is important to protect your investment.  Duvets come in many varieties and styles.  They can enhance the overall décor and make cleaning a snap.  Simply pull of the duvet and put it in the washer. 

    Down is a product that you should avoid washing a lot.  It is a delicate product.  This is another reason the duvet is so important.

    May we suggest getting a high thread count duvet (300+ is pretty good).  The higher thread counts will give you added comfort.

    Lastly, don’t forget a pillow case or pillow duvet.  Nowadays, you can also get a pillow insert that tightly covers the pillow independent of the duvet or case.   



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